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ACSIC (a-k-s-i-k) is a manufacturer and distributor of silicone related materials for a wide range of end-use applications. ACSIC’s products include silanes, RTV resins, MS polymers, silicone fluids, LSR/HCR silicone rubber and other silicone based materials.  ACSIC has the necessary technical expertise to develop and prepare custom materials and solutions to add premier value to our customers.

Competitive Pricing

We provide incredible pricing of a wide selection of materials to meet your needs. 

Custom Preparation

In addition to off-the-shelf products, we custom prepare products at varied scales

Strong Technical Expertise

We have more than 25 years of experience in silanes and other silicones. 

Wide Product Selections

Looking for materials for adhesives, plastics, inks, rubber, coatings… We’ve got you covered.

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Our R&D team and affiliates network continue to introduce special molecules to meet material performance challenges in different industries.




AC-AS146 is a special amino silane




AC-OPS200 is an epoxy silane oligomer



CAS #: 2897-60-1



CAS #: 4369-14-6

Have a unique need?

ACSIC can custom synthesize organosilanes,silane end-capped polyethers and other silicone related materials for construction, electronics, industrial and R&D use. Our lab and production facilities can handle a wide range of projects and produce kilogram to multi-ton commercial scale quantities to enhance your products performance.