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Automotive & Transportation

Silicones deliver the adhesion, durability, protection, and strength needed in high-performance automoiles, aircrafts and ocean vessels.

Building & Construction

Silicone is a marjor chemistry selection for building and construction applications, such as structural glazing sealants, coatings, and adhesives.

Electrical & Electronics

Silicones play an integral role in advancements in electrical and electronic tehnology and devices. Silicones are used to bond,encapsulate, indulsate, and seal circuits, microprocessors, etc. 

Industrial & Machinery

Advanced silanes and functional silicones are critical ingredients in industrial applications including surface modifiers for minerals, coupling agents in foundary binders, defoamers in polymerization, etc. 

Medical & Healthcare

Silicones with different functional groups are key elements in performance and manufaturing of general healthcare products and medical devices. 


Want to have a silky-soft feel from your towel or other fabrics? Functional silicones, such as amino functionalized PDMS are the choice.