Silane Crosslinkers

Silane crosslinkers include acetoxy, hydroxy and ketoxime silanes. They are widely used to reactive with silanol resins when exposed to moisture in RTV sealants or coatings.


  • RTV sealants
  • Roof coatings
Product list

Here is the description of the product Acetoxy. We offer ……

Product NameDescriptionCAS #
AC-AT102Methyl tricaetoxysilane 4253-34-3
AC-AT121 Modified Methyl tricaetoxysilane (to prevent crystallization at low temp) /
AC-AT202 Vinyl tricaetoxysilane 4130-08-9
AC-AT402 Ethyl tricaetoxysilane 17689-77-9
AC-AT302Propyl tricaetoxysilane 17865-07-5
AC-AT024 Di-tert-butoxydicaetoxysilane 13170-23-5
AC-AT122 Methyl Vinyl Dicaetoxysilane 2944-70-9
AC-AT602Phenyl tricaetoxysilane 18042-54-1


Product NameDescriptionCAS #
AC-N113 Methyl trimethoxysilane1185-55-3
AC-N123 Methyl triethoxysilane2031-67-6
AC-WP022 /
PolymethyltriethoxysilaneViscosity(mm2/s, 25℃): 1-3
AC-TMOS Tetramethoxysilane 681-84-5
AC-TEOS Tetraethoxysilane 78-10-4

Product NameDescriptionCAS #:
AC-MOSMethyl tris(methyl ethyl ketoxime) silane22984-54-9
AC-VOSVinyl tris(methyl ethyl ketoxime) silane2224-33-1
AC-POSPhenyl tris(methyl ethyl ketoxime) silane34036-80-1
AC-TOS (crystal)Tetra (methyl ethyl ketoxime) silane34206-40-1
AC-KT304Propyl tris(methyl ethyl ketoxime) silane/
AC-KT114 Dimethyl di(methyl ethyl ketoxime) silane37843-26-8
AC-KT124 Methyl Vinyl di(methyl ethyl ketoxime) silane 72721-10-9
AC-KT106 Methyl tris(methyl isobutyl ketoxime) silane 37859-57-7
AC-KT206 Vinyl tris(methyl isobutyl ketoxime) silane 156145-64-1
AC-KT006 Tetra (methyl isobutyl ketoxime) silane 156145-62-9
AC-KT126 Methyl Vinyl Di(methyl isobutyl ketoxime) silane 156145-66-3
AC-KT103 Methyl Tris(acetoxime) silane /
AC-KT203Vinyl Tris(acetoxime) silane /
AC-KT123Methyl Vinyl Di(acetoxime) silane /
AC-MT9010,8515,8020,7525,7030,6040MOS/TOS mixture at different ratio/
AC-VT8515,8020,7030,6535,6040VOS/TOS mixture at different ratio/