Application – Medical/Healthcare

ACSIC Products for Medical/Healthcare Applications:

Silicone’s usage in medical and healthcare applications is enourmouse. Common silicone medical and healthcare components and assemblies include dental impressions and molding, airways; balloon catheters; tubing for feeding, drainage, and use with peristaltic pumps; compression bars; electrosurgical handpieces; infusion sleeves and test chambers; introducer tips and flexible sheaths; wire/fluid-path coextrusions; ear plugs and hearing aids; shunts and septums; and a variety of seals, stoppers, valves, and clipsetc.  Comparing with other chemistries, silicones help to enhance desirable properties such as:


  • Superior biocompatibility
  • Temperature stability & resistance
  • Great chemical resistance
  • Great mechanical properties 
  • Excellent processibility

Related ACSIC Products:

  • Vinyl polymers—dental impression and molding
  • HCR and LSR—tubing and other medical parts
  • Silanes—coatings, adhesives