MS Resins

ACSIC MS resins are series of silane end capped polyethers (SCP), which are also called hybrid polymers. SCP resins render adhesives and sealants outstanding mechanical properties,  fast and complete cure, better adhesion and substrates and painting on top. Sealants formulated with SCP resins don’t promote mold growth. Due to ACSIC’s long history in silane production, our MS resins’ end group could be custom build per customer’s needs. 

  • One component sealant for RV, trailer, kitchen, granite, etc.

Product list

AppearanceColorless clear liquidColorless clear liquid
Viscosity (23℃) 8-10 Pa.s28-32 Pa.s
Density (23℃)0.98-1.020.98-1.02
Molecular Weight12,000