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All the ingredients you need to build your forumulation

Silanol Resins

These are silanol terminated polydimethyl siloxane polymers with various viscosity and silanol contents used in RTV sealants and silicone coatings.

MS Resins

These are polyethers end capped with silanes with ACSIC’s proprietory technology.  We can custom build MS resins per customers’ need.

HCR Rubber

ACSIC HCR (HTV) rubber could be cured by either peroxides or platinum catalysts in extrusion or molding processes. The finished parts/articles find applications in Aerospace, Automotive, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Construction, Electronics, etc.

LSR Rubber

LSRs (liquid silicone rubber) are two components systems with low viscosity indices. They are ideal for high productivity injection molding.

Silicone Fluids

While most oftenPDMS silicone fluids refers to methyl groups in the backbone and on the end groups, this group can be modified to provide different electrical properties, enchanced low temperature perforcemance, and even reactivity.

Silanes (offer custom synthesis)

ACSIC offers a wide range of silanes as coupling agents, adhesion promoters, crosslinkers, chain extenders and surface modifiers. We can also custom synthesize and prepare silanes for your special needs.

Other Silicone Materials

ACSIC also offers silicone materials in the forms of silicone masterbatches that improve plastic and rubber processing.

Fumed Silica

Got applications like paints, coatings, silicone, polyesters, our hydrophilic and hyrophobic fumed silica are versatile…even a polar systems. 


ACSIC offers both rutile and antase TiO2 with different shades for industrial and food applications.