Silanol Resins

Silanol resins are series of  linear polydimethyl siloxane with silanol terminal groups on one or both ends. These resins are water clear and reactive. They are used in a wide range of markets and applications.

  • Low viscosity resins can be used as reactive diluents in silicone elastomers, base resins for water repellents or treatment of inorganic fillers.
  • Medium viscosity resins find usage in textile and paper coatings to bring in water repelling properties.
  • High viscosity resins are essential ingredients in silicone sealants, adhesives, roof coatings, and other room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) (1 k/2k) formulations.

Product list

ProductDescriptionViscosity CAS #
AC-RTV OH750Silanol terminated PDMS75070131-67-8
AC-RTV OH1,000Silanol terminated PDMS1,00070131-67-8
AC-RTV OH1,500Silanol terminated PDMS1,50070131-67-8
AC-RTV OH2,000Silanol terminated PDMS2,00070131-67-8
AC-RTV OH3,000Silanol terminated PDMS3,00070131-67-8
AC-RTV OH3,500Silanol terminated PDMS3,50070131-67-8
AC-RTV OH5,000Silanol terminated PDMS5,00070131-67-8
AC-RTV OH10,000Silanol terminated PDMS10,00070131-67-8
AC-RTV OH20,000Silanol terminated PDMS20,00070131-67-8
AC-RTV OH50,000Silanol terminated PDMS50,00070131-67-8
AC-RTV OH80,000Silanol terminated PDMS80,00070131-67-8
AC-RTV OH135,000Silanol terminated PDMS135,00070131-67-8
AC-RTV OH350,000Silanol terminated PDMS350,00070131-67-8
AC-RTV OH 550,000Silanol terminated PDMS550,00070131-67-8
AC-RTV 20LVlow volatile content20,00070131-67-8